Project Budget

Firstly, we help define a High-level specification budget for the project. This budget is derived from the agreed concept design and applying some creative thoughts to bring in efficiency.

Our extensive experience will be used in applying rates of similar older schemes and using a top-down estimate for contingencies.

Further, a detailed specification budget is prepared using a bottom-up construct of approved design. We consider this exercise of minute detailing a significant success factor for the project execution within time and budget.

The following assurances are provided in a detailed budget:
1. It provides the confidence to the customer of every project detail being included as identifies and listed.
2. It is understood by the customer that budget is protected
3. Being priced on units, it is easy to take additions of rates agreed.

A detailed budget is all inclusive of entire elements that are spent. All the expenses are included in the detailed budget like main contract, furniture, fees and nominated contractors.